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Our Vision: The 4th floor is a public laboratory and educational facility with a focus on information, design, technology, and the applied arts. The 14,000 sq foot space hosts equipment, expertise, programs, events, and meetings that work within this scope. While traditional library spaces support the consumption of knowledge by offering access to media, the 4th floor is unique because it supports the production, connection, and sharing of knowledge by offering access to tools and instruction.

4th Floor hours:  
Tuesday through Thursday 2pm-8pm

Friday + Saturday 12pm-6pm. 

For questions or equipment reservations please call 423-757-4750 during operating hours. 

Current Features:

  • GigLab
  • MakerBot Rep2 3D Printers (fees: $0.06​ per gram of PLA used) *
  • Laser Cutter (20"x12" cutting area) (no fees but must supply your own material) *
  • Vinyl Plotter (fees: $0.30 per square foot of vinyl used) *
  • Oculus Rifts
  • Chattanooga Zine Library + zine making lab
  • Floor Loom
  • Sewing Machines
  • Needle Felting and Coloring Books
  • Power Tools
  • Hand Tools
  • Soldering Bench
  • Arduino Kits *
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Mini soft box + lights for product photography 
  • Co-working Space with white boards, projectors, couches, tables. 
  • Special Event Space with sound system, stage, and presentation equipment
  • More to Come!

* Chattanooga Public Library Card in good standing is required.


Submitted by Ryan Harrell (not verified) on

You mention equipment in the description here but I could not find any list of what you currently have available for use. What type of equipment are is available on the 4th floor? I am particularly interested in CNC or laser cutter equipment for small scale hobby work.

Hi Ryan - We are in constant evolution in the 4th Floor beta lab evaluating, testing and acquiring new technology and equipment to offer in the space. Right now we have 3D printers, a Vinyl cutter, and a laser cutter, as well as the related software / design workstations. The laser cutter is available by reservation only during certain hours. Please contact the staff on the 4th Floor to check the availability that will work with your schedule. 423-757-4750. Thanks so much and we will see you soon!

Submitted by Ryan Harrell (not verified) on

Excellent! Thanks for the quick response. Also, I saw the article about you guys on Sparkfun&;s blog! Keep up the good work!

Cool. Glad you saw that. And thanks. It's awesome over here! 

Submitted by Dan (not verified) on

Where do I found info on thios Treehouse training program? I saw something on Facebook but wanted to read more aboput it.

Treehouse is our free online technology education hub. Just follow the links to the Treehouse homepage and if you have a library card you can sign up today. You can also just browse through the offerings to see if it's for you. There is a wide range of tracks depending on your needs and interests. Try It!

Submitted by Tawana (not verified) on

Will the 4th floors hours change for the summer

Hi Tawana -  We expanded the 4th Floor hours in January to be open 5 days, Monday-Friday, from 2pm - close. And we will still be open these same hours all Summer. Our hours will not change through the Summer months. Hope to see you here!

Submitted by Desi Driscoll (not verified) on

Are there any additional fees to use the equipment?

Hi Desi - Sorry your message was lost for a bit and no one replied to your question about fees. If you have a library card you can use the equipment. There are small fees for the consumable material that your 3D print uses. That is calculated by a program inside Makerware that evaluates your print files and estimates the amount of time and material it will take to build your print. The fees are calculated from there using a rate of .5 per gram of PLA plastic for your print. Also there are no fees to use the vinyl cutter but you must bring your own vinyl. If you have any further questions or want to reserve time on the 3D printer please call the 4th Floor at 423-757-4750. 

Submitted by Jenny Vowell (not verified) on

Good afternoon,

My name is Jenny Vowell and I am the high school counselor at Gordon Lee High School in Chickamauga, GA. I am also working on my EdS in Instructional Technology at Kennesaw State University. It is through my EdS work that I learned about the Fourth Floor at the Downtown Branch . I have a small group of students that are eager to learn more computer skills such as web design and coding.

I understand that our students who are Georgia residents could obtain a library card/account but they would need to pay the $50.00. I am wondering if there is possibly a reduced rate that our students could use since they are indeed in high school. These students, as do I, very much desire to use TreeHouse, learn more about 3D printing and web design. If you could please email or call (number listed below) I would very much appreciate working together to find a way to help our students learn about these fields of technology.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

Jenny Vowell, School Counselor
Gordon Lee High School
105 Lee Circle
Chickamauga, GA 30707
706-382-3100 ext. 3013

Hi Jenny - 

Your query will be forwarded to a library administrator who can address your questions. Thanks for contacting us. 

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

When is the 4th floor going to be open on Saturdays and Sundays? I work during the week and would love to be able to use the services! Thanks!

Hi Chris -  There is not a date set to open on Saturdays yet, Chris. The library is not open at all on Sundays. Would love for you to be using these services too! Right now we're still Monday through Thursday 2pm til 8pm and Friday 2-6pm. 

Submitted by Daniel Flood (not verified) on

My name is Daniel Flood, I am the Creative Production at The Edge, the State Library of Queensland&;s digital culture centre ( We work to empower creative exploration of art, science, technology and enterprise within a library context. I am traveling to the United States of America in August (a true nerd, I am heading to GenCon in Indianapolis) and exploring the possibility of making a library road trip of it. 4th Floor is of a specific interest and I was wondering who I would contact to discuss a visit and conversation? Any directions people could give me, that would be great. My email address is Thanks in advance!

Submitted by Brian Gilbert (not verified) on

Hi Folks- I was very pleased to find out that you have a laser cutter for patrons to use, and I&;m anxious to try it out... but I want to educate myself a bit first. Do you have a link to the user documentation available? (though I understand that this is somewhat limited, since it&;s a Kickstarter item). I&;m wanting to make some very small cuts in paper, and am curious what the smallest rectangle it can cut.

Also- same kind of question- where&;s the best place to get vinyl for the vinyl cutter, and do you recommend a particular size/kind? Does this work best with SVG files too?


Hello BG -

Thanks for getting in touch. You can refer to the online manual for the laser cutter to determine minimum and maximum parameters.

As far as the vinyl cutter goes, the library's supply comes from US Cutter. 888-298-8143. You can use SVG files, or Adobe Illustrator. The maximum print area is 24", though your roll can be as wide as 30". 

Hope that helps and hope we see you soon. We're open Monday through Thursday 2pm - 8pm, and Friday 2pm -6pm. Don't forget to bring your library card! 


Submitted by ShellyB Lovins (not verified) on

I was told you had a working weaver&;s loom on the 4th floor. Is this true?! If so, and my dreams have come true, can I make an appointment to meet with the person in charge of the loom to learn how to work it?

Hello there! We do have a loom on the 4th Floor that we are all slowly learning to use. A project was just removed from the loom last month and it has not been set up again yet for a new project. There is no one here on staff that can teach you as we are only being introduced to it ourselves. Please come up during our weekday open ours (2pm-close M-F) and and check it out! 

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on

Would like to talk with someone about an idea about a Maker&;s Space that would involve all kinds of skills related to handmade items. Who would I contact?

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on

Would like to talk with someone about an idea about a Maker&;s Space that would involve all kinds of skills related to handmade items. Who would I contact?

Submitted by Linda Hong (not verified) on

Mary, just wanted to let you know that I emailed you through with our yahoo email account. Didn&;t know if you received it yet or if it went to spam.

Submitted by Allie Fincher (not verified) on

Hello! My name is Allie Fincher and I own a Chattanooga-based mobile cooking school for kids called Sprouts Cooking. We work with young students in the Chattanooga (and surrounding) community, ranging in ages from 4-12, to teach them basic cooking skills and nutrition through whole food cooking. It&;s a mobile institution, so we do not have a physical location, but I&;m wanting to conduct a week-long cooking camp this Summer and am trying to find a potential venue to conduct the camp, and thought about the Library&;s 4th Floor. Do you offer rentable space, and if so, is it rentable outside of the afternoon business hours? I&;d like to conduct the camp in the mornings. Any direction or information you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
Allie Fincher
Sprouts Cooking

Hi Allie - Thanks for being in touch. I have fwd your message to our Youth Department. - Mary

Submitted by Hayley M (not verified) on

I was wondering if there is vinyl available to us or if we have to supply our own? Also, if we do have to supply our own what do you recommend for your machine?

So Sorry! But these comments are only now appearing. Sorry we never replied. We have several rolls of vinyl here that is .30 per linear foot to use. You are welcome to bring your own as long as it is no more that 15"wide to work with out machine. There is no charge to use the equipment but you do need to bring your current Chattanooga Public Library card. 

Submitted by Archibald meatpants (not verified) on

how do I upload a model to a 3-D printer?

So Sorry! But these comments are only now appearing. Sorry we never replied. If you are asking about how to load projects to the 3D printers at the library we have software called MakerWare that will open your STL file and get it ready for printing onto our Makerbots. You can make a reservation to sue the equipment here by calling 423-757-4750.

Submitted by yz (not verified) on

Wish you were open Monday!

Submitted by yz (not verified) on

Wish you were open Monday!

Bummer. Hopefully you can find some time between Tuesday and Saturday to come visit. We only have staff for 5 days a week and we really really want to be open on Saturdays so we closed on Mondays to make that happen. See you soon? 

Submitted by Adair (not verified) on

Hey, I have heard random tidbits about a makerspace on the 4th Floor but can&;t find anything definitive. Do you have work space available for hobbyists/non-professional artists?

Hey Adair - We have a maker space and co working space at our downtown branch. Here is a link to the web page for the 4th Floor. We are open Tuesday through Thursdays 2pm-8pm; Fridays and Saturdays 12pm-6pm. Come on up and check us out to see if we have what you are looking for! 

Submitted by Andrea (not verified) on


I am just wondering if there are any time limitations with the 3D printer and if you provide any training.


Hello Andrea - Thanks for getting in touch. You can reserve up to 4 hours at a time on the 3D printer but most prints do not take that long. If you have a special project that requires a long print time we can evaluate that in person with you and come up with a plan. The cost is 6cents per gram of PLA used on your print. We do not teach 3D design or CAD at the library but the public services staff on the 4th Floor can point you to some great tools and resources that you can explore on your own, if you are starting from scratch. You can make an appointment to use the printer by calling them during the 4th Floor operating hours on Tuesdays through Saturdays at 423-757-4750.  Hope that helps! 

4th Floor hours:  
Tuesday through Thursday 2pm-8pm
Friday + Saturday 12pm-6pm. 

Submitted by Adair (not verified) on

What is the maximum size for laser cutter projects?

Hi ! Thanks for contacting us. The cutting area is 20" x 12". Here is a LINK to more specs for our Full Spectrum Model, in case that is helpful. It is also recommended to call and reserve your time on the laser cutter to be sure it is available when you plan to visit the 4th Floor. Give the crew a call Tuesday-Saturday at 423-757-4750.