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Arduino Wants to Meet You

Arduino & Breadboard


Feb, 2014: We know some of you are getting into Arduino. We on the 4th Floor sure are. If Arduino hasn’t already gotten your attention, give us a chance to show you why so many people love it.

Every Thursday the 4th Floor is now a place for getting more acquainted with Arduino together. Each week we'll find something new to get into, like lights and sounds and sensors and motors.

Arduino is an amazing little thing (technically, a microcontroller) that gives regular people like us more power to control our environments (or the environments of our pets, or plants, or other possessions). It is often credited with launching the so-called Maker Revolution. 

Take a look at Make’s Arduino project category to get a sense for what this device can do (spoiler: it can do almost anything imaginable). Get going right now by searching full-text sources on Arduino in our online tech library.

The most exciting news of all (to this librarian) is that it was created with artists in mind, not professional programmers or engineers, so while programmers and engineers have a considerable advantage when learning to work with Arduino, our lack of formal training is not a big deal.

Any ol’ age is welcome on Arduino Hack Night (just please be old enough to keep LEDs out of your mouth). No registration required; just come on over on Thursdays and stay as long as you like (or til 8pm whichever comes first). If you need guidance we're here with weekly project ideas and more. If you just want to come and work on your own there's room for every level. 


Equipment (Bring your own or use ours):

  • laptop with Arduino software installed

  • Arduino board + USB cable (the Uno is the most common one used right now)

  • breadboard (the kind for prototyping circuits, not for cutting food)

  • electronic components and tools

See you soon on the 4th Floor. Remember, if you have a library card, you have a 3D printer, a vinyl plotter, and we’re installing a laser cutter for use too!