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June 2014 LiSTEM: Project-based learning at the Library

Students visiting NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center experienced a touch of science

Summertime is an active time for families. There are so many choices to make when trying to keep your kids engaged in new experiences, challenged in totally fun ways, and continually curious about the world around them.

In June 2014, the Chattanooga Public Library launched a new series of free LiSTEM workshops that did all of that and more. 

LiSTEM is literacy-based learning through STEM concepts: Literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Your tweens, teens and kiddos will have a great time during these interactive project-based workshops. Each one offers multiple sessions that builds upon the previous session, designed to capture your child's imagination and attention in a fun and focused summertime learning environment.

Be sure to check with your branch for the newest LiSTEM workshops happening near you, and click through to the program links for full details and registration information. 


Brainfeeders Part 1: Let's Get Moving: Feeding your body and your brain is so important​. BrainFeeders is a 2-part workshop for kids to help them develop healthy lifestyles. If your kids like to try different kinds of food and choose what they eat, this workshop will help them explore healthy eating habits and understand the benefits of exercising to increase their energy levels. In part 1 children will engage in active exercise and movement while learning about healthy choices in eating. Eastgate Branch

Brainfeeders Part 2: Tasty Eating: In BrainFeeders: Tasty Eating your kids will enjoy 6 delicious sessions where we'll explore how natural nutrients in food are provided to feed the body and brain to help create healthy bodies and healthy minds!  When you eat healthy and make the right choices it impacts brain function. Feed your body and your brain!​ Eastgate Branch

MoneyChangers: The MoneyChangers learning workshop is designed for teenagers to learn how to understand finances and make better money management choices. They will gain skills in tracking their spending, creating a budget, making financial goals, the importance of credit, and dealing with money responsibly.  Downtown and Northgate.

Virtual Mission: Natural Disaster: Do you like a realworld challenge? Then come to the V-Mission virtual Emergency Response Center at the library and develop an action plan for a mock earthquake threatening to break several dams along the Tennessee River. Teams will interact with a Mission Commander from the Challenger STEM Learning Center and help us survive this "natural disaster." Youth will learn about problem solving for natural disasters and use resources through virtual real world challenges. They will learn about the environment's natural systems and how everything fits together to maintain solutions. Downtown Branch

Let's Make Terrariums: Are you interested in indoor gardening?  3D printing?  Design?  Recycling? This workshop is definitely for you and combines all of it. How? Together we'll learn about various indoor plants and design their environment. We'll learn about what goes into the indoor scientific gardening process and have fun doing it!  Plants are versatile but need a healthy environment inside as well as outside. Come build a terrarium at the library. Downtown Branch

Natural World Explorers: Do you like the outdoors? Wonder what's in the dirt? Like insects? Do you pick leaves or flowers? Want to know how everything outside fits together? Explore the world as we know it by experimenting with nature! Discover what it takes for nature's garden to take its course and grow, from how it begins to preventing how it ends. We'll learn how to take care of the environment and everything in it. South Chattanooga Branch​

Electrifying Young Engineers: Do you like electronics and energy? Wonder how they work together?  Become an Electrifying Engineer Apprentice and learn how to make electric lamps, explore electromagnetism, the various components of batteries, and solar energy. Northgate Branch