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Mozilla's $150,000 Gigabit Community Fund for Chattanooga

The Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund logo

Everyone wants to know what do you do with a gig besides win Emmy nominations with T. Bone Burnette. We're kidding, (just wanted to slip the news in here.)

Seriously... we are pretty excited to be hosting the Mozilla's Gigabit Community Fund kickoff on February 6 that aims to answer that question with a focus on education and workforce development. 

Mozilla is once again investing in Chattanooga's future. They are bringing their mission to" build a web where people know more, do more and do better" to our city with serious project funding for partnerships in the community that are mission driven to serve end user needs in education and workforce development. 

What this means is if you are knee or toe deep into education and learning, workforce development or digital making, and have been thinking about how to bring all the power of the city's gig network into your learning/earning space you should definitely come check out the kickoff and see where you want to take it. If you have tech and creative skills and want to work with other mission-driven folks, then show up and meet potential team members who can write your skillset (and you) into a funding proposal.

It's simple. Mozilla wants to fund project teams with the best viable ideas. Many of these teams and projects will be forming at the kickoff.  We've heard it described as a 'call-for-RFP meets  hack-a-thon.'​​  Organizers consider this kickoff event a community sprint for educators, technologists & community catalysts to come together to build the network that communities will need in the future.​

So plan to come by, hang with Mozilla folks, meet the gang from the Hive Learning Network NYC and many others, and find a project or a team of collaborators to get started on your funding application. ​ 

We can't wait to see what game-changing potential comes from this.  

See everyone at the kickoff. Follow the links below for complete reservation and schedule information. 


Building the network we need:

1) Build a network of educators, designers, catalysts and technologists building prototypes of projects that leverage gigabit technology as learning platforms

2) Empower educators to explore and experiment with cutting edge learning tools

3) Teach both the production and application of tools designed to deepen the learning of its users

4) Shape the environments for what is possible and needed in the emerging gigabit economy