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National Journal says CPL is the library of the future, here now.

A photo from inside a library between a row of book shelves.

If the year ahead is going to be as good as January has been so far, than this is going be a huge year at the Chattanooga Public Library.

This week National Journal published a feature article focused on the Chattanooga Public Library and our incredible transformation. The National Journal is a pretty big deal as far as reaching credible and influential public policy and business leaders around the United States. According to their website, the publication has a four-decade history of serving leaders in Washington—and around the country—with in-depth analysis on legislation, politics, and the structural trends shaping America. To have our story told to this new and sizable audience is pretty amazing. The attention this brings to our efforts and to the City of Chattanooga is just incredible. ​

The title of Brian Resnick's 1,100 word article is "What the Library of the Future Will Look Like" then he promptly points to Chattanooga. And he nails it.

What's also exciting is that this feature article is part of the publication's Next Economy series, a collaboration with The Atlantic, that looks deeper into how Americans are adapting to the post-2008 new economy. National Journal has picked up on what we're getting done in Chattanooga and are holding it up as a representation of a 21st century library's role in this new economy. Nails it. 

If you have been following our progress or are jumping in now it is a really good read.