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We're Building a Rostock 3D Printer!

As we all might have guessed, demand for 3D printing at the Chattanooga Public Library is more than our Makerbot can keep up with, so we're building a Rostock to help it out. 

The Rostock is the most amazing machine we've ever laid eyes on. 

It is not news that interest in 3D printing is increasing and we can totally attest to this from our vantage point up on the 4th Floor of the public library here in Chattanooga. We've only been offering this new service to the public since March and since that time have added special interest hours, a print-cue to manage the flow, and hopefully will be expanding service hours very soon. 

We've invited the public to check out the process of building this machine from scratch and encouraged those who have purchased their own kits to bring them here so we can enjoy the challenge, tedium and thrill of building together. 

This is an exciting day for our team here. We often talk about our iterative planning process to create a unique creative community space, basing many decisions on the response and demand we see from the community we serve. The demand for access to explore 3D printing is high. And we couldn't be happier to accommodate! 

Check out photos tracking Meg Backus and her maker team's progress throughout the day here.