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We've hired Meg Backus

I'm pleased to say that we've hired Meg Backus to join us in Chattanooga as our Systems Administrator. This means that Meg is going to be working directly with the software that runs the library catalog. It is a great win for us here. Here's Meg's bio:

Meg Backus is moving from Syracuse, NY where she worked as the Programming Coordinator and Public Relations Director for the Northern Onondaga Public Library. Her biggest triumph in this position may have been to establish the LibraryFarm, a half-acre of library property plowed to create garden plots for check-out, which supported hands-on peer-to-peer education and collective, year-round direct action against hunger.

She also taught a course called Innovation in Public Libraries in Syracuse University’s School of Information, a class that worked to rethink and actively experiment with what the library of the 21st century could be. Meg worked with a student from this class to create a library makerspace in the Fayetteville Free Library in New York, complete with a 3D printing Thing-o-Matic available to the public. She is committed to public libraries because they function as a genuine commons, and she wants to develop library services that not only maintain free access to content, but that also increase access to creation tools and carry the ability to contribute to the commons.

In her free time Meg knits, reads, and builds electronic objects. She created a self-watering tweeting cactus that could follow the weather in its native habitat, water itself whenever rain was reported, then tweet about it. She envisions a network of self-watering tweeting cacti that can follow, respond to, and possibly play Cow Clicker with each other online. She will be moving to Chattanooga with her husband and her dog.