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Earth movers & shakers at South Chattanooga

Meet Isaiah. He’s a farmer, a vermiculturist, an entomologist, a business entrepreneur, a big-time winner at this year’s Hamilton County Fair, an avid reader, and a long time patron of the South Branch. 

Pick your Princesses!

Princesses rule the shelves here in the Children's department at the library.  We do love our traditional frilly dressed, pink pretties but we also love the idea of princesses who are confident, strong, brave and full of imagination.  

Fantastic Folktales!

Folk and traditional tales provide us with glimpses of worlds far away from our own.  Imagination is such an important part of childhood and folktales are an easy source for getting the brain to bend and stretch in the most incredible ways!  Often times, folktales take us on fantastical journeys and give us fun stories packed with great moral advice to live by.  Because people having been telling stories since the dawn of time, there is a certain wisdom and truth that can only be found passed down the generations through the words of our ancestors and now in written form.