Mozilla Community Gigabit Fund and The 2nd Floor of the Downtown Chattanooga Public Library

If you’ve been paying attention to the news in Chattanooga recently you’ve most likely heard a lot about the Mozilla Community Gigabit Fund.  So what exactly is Mozilla doing in Chattanooga?  The aim of the Community Gigabit Fund is to “provide grants and resources for innovators exploring the use of next-generation gigabit technologies in Kansas City and Chattanooga.”  

MAKE. PLAY. READ. LEARN. Summer @ ChattLibrary with Mozilla Webmaker

Are you looking around for more neat things to do to help you complete your MAKE. PLAY. READ. LEARN gameboard?

Created by The 2nd Floor of the Chattanooga Public Library and the Mozilla Hive Chattanooga Learning Community, our Mozilla Webmaker Learning Kit will get you remixing memes, comics, music videos, and more.  It's the perfect way to flex your brain muscles without making steam come out of your ears. And the best part yet? IT'S FUN!