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Live online help from expert tutors for students and adult learners. In addition to homework help for students from elementary through high school, Brainfuse provides resources for adults, such as test preparation for GED, Citizenship Test, ASVAB...

Formerly known as Learn4Life, Gale Courses provides the opportunity to enroll for free into a wide range of highly interactive classes with live instructors, entirely online. Courses run for six weeks and new sessions begin every...

Borrow free digital video, music, ebooks, comics and audiobooks with your library card. Gain access to thousands of titles – available for instant streaming or temporarily download – and enjoy on your smartphone, tablet or computer. There’s no...

The Dead and Buried by Kim Harrington – A Review

The Dead and Buried is a great ghost story.  It begins with a new girl in town who has a little brother, a dad and a step-mom.  There are the usual whispers as Jade, the new girl, starts school but then the whispers get worse.  Jade finds out that one of the students who went to the school died in her house just a year before.   The girl, Kayla, was miss popularity at the local high school and rumor has it that she was murdered, in Jade’s house.

The Teen Advisory Board celebrates Banned Books Week!

This past Saturday TAB (the Teen Advisory Board of the Chattanooga Public Library) celebrated their freedom to read by recording videos as part of the Banned Books Week celebration.  These 'Virtual Read-Outs' are published on a dedicated Youtube channel for the library. 



Review of Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Seraphina is a fantasy novel about a young musician who finds her place in the world.  In Seraphina’s world, dragons are very real and very dangerous or at least they used to be.  Decades before, dragons and humans were at war.  When a tough and smart queen petitioned a treaty with the leader of the dragons, peace finally occurred, opening the doors for dragons to mingle with humans.  There are still harsh feelings between dragons and humans even decades after the treaty was signed.  There are humans who hate dragons and vice versa.  There are even secret orders committed to destroying the tre