The 2nd Floor

The 2nd Floor is the Downtown Chattanooga Public Library’s new frontier for kids, tweens, and teens. Let’s have fun and learn something together. Kids, Tweens, Teens, and their caregivers can enjoy any of the following activities at all times on The 2nd Floor:

  • 3D Printer Station: Create or download a 3D object and print it on our 3D printer (45 minutes per user, first come first serve.
  • The 2nd Floor Arcade: Play Wii U, Playstation 4, or XBox One games! We feature a different game for each system every day.
  • Button Maker Station: Make a button using our button makers! We provide lots of old magazines and other supplies to help you make your buttons.
  • Music Station: Create music using our instruments and Garageband and then have them uploaded to our Bandcamp page.
  • Record Player: Explore and listen to our vinyl record collection. Have you ever used a record player? If not, this is your chance to learn!
  • Art Station: Draw a picture, make a card, or design your own button. We’ve got the paper and pens, you bring the creativity.
  • Study and Meeting Spaces: Need a place to relax and get some work done? We have about 14,000 square foot of space you can use to spread out and do something awesome.
  • Augmented Reality Sandbox: Tactile learning plus augmented reality! Our sandbox will teach you all about topography! For more information, click here.
  • Mail Center: Write a letter and send it to our friends Northgate Library! 
  • Zine Making Station: Cut up some magazines, write some poetry, create some art…do what you want! We then take that and make a quarterly zine out of your creations.
  • Buddha Board Station: Got a worry, fear, or something you need to say? Put it on our Buddha Board and let it wash away!

Need more info? Be sure to always check the events calendar. And you can always give us a call at 423-643-7733.