Acceptable Use Guidelines for Library Public Computers

Please respect those around you
Customers accessing Library computers are required to be respectful of their fellow computer users as well as the Library staff.  

Unsupervised children
Parents and caregivers accessing public computers are still required to monitor their children’s behavior at all times.

Short, quiet cell phone conversations are acceptable when users need information or help with websites. Headphones are required to listen to music or view videos, and volume should be set as low as possible to avoid disturbing those seated around you.  Conversations should be quiet and brief.

Cell Phones
Cell phones should be set on silent or vibrate and only used when customers need information to assist with website problems. Lengthy conversations should be conducted away from the computer area.

Food and Beverages
Food and drinks are not allowed near computers.

Customers are strictly prohibited from slamming any computer equipment or pounding on keyboards. The Library cannot replace broken equipment easily and anyone damaging the equipment will be asked to leave the Library premises.

Use of profanity is not allowed in the Library or at the computers. Cursing, swearing, foul language or yelling will result in customers being asked to leave.

Explicit Materials
In accordance with Federal and State law, the Library’s public computers are filtered. If there is a site that you are unable to access, please see a staff member for assistance.

Failure to follow the acceptable use guidelines will result in your computer session being terminated.  Repeated infractions may result in the person being asked to leave the Library.
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