Bouncing Babies!

Our popular Baby Bounce program is now happening at every branch!

If you have not heard of Baby Bounce it is a special program for just for babies 0-18 months and their caregivers!  Baby Bounce will be approximately 30 minutes and involve interactive songs, finger-plays, stories, shakers, colorful scarves and lots of giggles!  All of these things are crucial for a small child’s mental and social development and what better way to boost brain growth and early literacy than a fun filled storytime at the library!  

“The parts of a baby’s brain that are involved in regulating emotions, language, and abstract thought grow and develop after birth,” explains Alei Burns, Youth Services Librarian for the Chattanooga Public Library. “Brain development–in other words, learning–is the process of creating, strengthening, and discarding connections, or synapses, among brain neurons.”

As babies grow, they learn by interacting, playing, imitating adults and by watching others.  In Baby Bounce, caregivers learn songs and finger-plays to use at home with their children; they will hear simple stories, shake shakers, and make scarves fly – all in ways to best help babies and their rapidly growing brains develop.

“A healthy toddler may create 2 million synapses per second. By age 3, a child’s brain has reached nearly 90 percent of its adult size; the growth in each part of the brain depends primarily on receiving proper, continuous stimulation,” Burns said.

Find a Baby Bounce Near you!
Check our online event calendar for your branch. 


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