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Library Resources: Spotlight on Brainfuse

The library's Resources page on our website is not only filled with links to online classes in a multitude of topics, but also features access to a variety of materials depending on your needs and interests.

Brainfuse is a great resource to help learners of all ages build their skills in many different areas, get help from experts, and work collaboratively with other learners. You can use Brainfuse in the library, at home, or on the go; all you need is access to the internet! To get started, create a Brainfuse account by providing a user name, password, and a password hint.

Brainfuse has lots of options for people looking to learn! Learners of all ages can use their Brainfuse account to improve their reading, writing, and math skills, or even learn Spanish. Middle schoolers and high schoolers will find help for even more subjects, including science, social studies, and help in AP classes. Students will be able to connect with live tutors to get help in a variety of subjects or message their questions to an expert for a quick and reliable response.

Students who would like to improve their academic skills can use Brainfuse's LEAP Learning Platform to learn how to improve their study skills using diagnostic tests, customized study plans, lessons, and live tutoring. You can even use FlashBulb to study ready-made online flashcard sets or create your own!

Adult learners will find resources to help them prepare for the GED, ASVAB, US Citizenship, and other tests, TOEFL and ESL resources, as well as tips and resources to assist during a job search. You'll find tips on how to write a resume, and you can even connect with a live expert to discuss your resume!

Brainfuse has resources to help you navigate every step of the college admissions process, including help with your initial college search, the application process including the Common Application, information and preparation materials for entrance exams, financial matters, transferring, and more!

You'll also find help with computer questions, including guides on Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, and help learning computer programming languages like C++, Java, and SQL.

You can use Brainfuse to collaborate with business partners and classmates online, using the Meet and Brainwave tools. Meet is a tool to help you form online study groups, conduct meetings, or just connect with friends in a safe online environment. Your guests will receive an email with a link to access your online meeting space. You can use Brainwave to record your activity for class projects, homework, or when you need more than just text to get your message across.

Contact the library at 423-757-5310 if you have any trouble with Brainfuse or any of our online resources.

We'd love to hear from you about your experience with Brainfuse! Share your story in the comments.