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Live Sound Recording

Join us on Wednesday July 5th at 5:00pm for Live Sound Recording. ​We are teaming up with the pros at Dynamo Studios to bring you their exclusive course, Audio Engineering: Live Sound Recording

What would a concert be without a live sound engineer? It would be a muddy sounding mess! Live Sound Engineer’s are critical to any live performance as they are the people tasked with making the music sound amazing in every venue that hosts concerts no matter what the acoustics of the room sound like. Each student that successfully completes this program will acquire the basic skills needed to successfully and excellently engineer audio in just about any situation that has live audio.

Topics Covered:

  • Signal Flow

  • Gain Structure

  • Aux Sends

  • Basic EQ

  • Compression

  • Gating

Space is limited. Classes are for students ages 12-18 years old.


Audio Engineering: Live Sound Recording in The Studio is brought to you by The Chattanooga Public Library, in partnership with local education non profit Dynamo Studios 

The Chattanooga Public Library's recording studio is made possible through grants from The Lyndhurst Foundation, The Benwood Foundation and the Friends of the Chattanooga Public Library.

2nd floor
The Studio
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