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The Studio: Full Session Recording for Teens and Adults

The Studio at the Chattanooga Public Library provides industry standard equipment in a professional learning environment inside the Public Library's downtown branch.

The Chattanooga Public Library just built and opened The Studio, a professional recording studio in our downtown branch featuring industry standard equipment and professionally lead workshops and learning opportunities

Valid library card and class registration required. Space is limited. 


The Full Session Recording class is geared towards providing participants with an immersive and diverse learning experience that results in them walking away with an arsenal of production skills that will open countless doors for them in the real world of music tech and audio production. All participants will have a chance to participate in the process of producing and engineering the most common studio instruments found on almost every song ever released: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass  guitar, drums, vocals, and keys. We will work as a team to complete various scenarios where each team member will fill a different role in the production process. Each student that successfully completes this program will walk away with the basic skills needed to approach any full studio recording project.

Topics Covered:

·       Signal Flow

·       Midi

·       DAW Navigation

·       Synthesizers and Percussion

·       Session Production

·       Basic Music Theory

·       Software Instruments

·       Gain Structure

·       Software Plugins

·       Session Tracking Mix

·       Basic EQ

·       Basic Compression

·       Mic Techniques

Space is limited. Classes are for students ages 12 and older.

Audio Engineering classes in The Studio are brought to you by The Chattanooga Public Library, in partnership with local education non profit Dynamo Studios. The Chattanooga Public Library's recording studio is made possible through grants from The Lyndhurst Foundation, The Benwood Foundation and the Friends of the Chattanooga Public Library.


2nd floor
The Studio
Age Level: