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Library Meeting Room Use Application

Thank you for your interest in meeting at the Chattanooga Public Library. You must have a valid Chattanooga Public Library Card to reserve any of our meeting spaces. There is no charge to use any library meeting space; however, there are charges for use of library AV equipment as well as tables and chairs.

You will be contacted by the library to inform you of the approval status. Please allow up to two weeks for confirmation. Any payment required by the library must be submitted 7 days prior to your program or event. When available, a library representative will make a brief welcoming statement to your group.

For more information please review the Chattanooga Public Library Meeting Room Policy.


Public or Private event? 

Library Equipment  - There is a flat $20 fee for the use and setup of the library’s A/V equipment.
Please mark all requested A/V equipment that you will need.

Food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium at this time.

There is a $20 flat fee for the use of library tables and chairs.  The library owns 175 chairs and 15 6' tables. Please indicate the number of chairs and tables needed, if any. This fee includes setup of the room. If none are needed, input 0

There is a fee if your program/event requires library to be open after regularly scheduled times. Rates are $25 for each hour after closing time and $12.50 for the half hour.

Please be aware: A $100 cleaning fee will be billed to you if space is not returned to the condition in which it was found.