Lost and Found Policy

Chattanooga Public Library Lost and Found Policy

The Chattanooga Public Library (the “Library”) is not responsible for the security of personal items brought into any library facility. Unclaimed items are managed in accordance with the following guidelines: 

● If the owner of a Lost and Found item satisfactorily identifies the lost item, the item will be returned.

● Perishable items such as food and personal care items will be disposed of immediately.

● Lost and Found items will be dated and stored for a period of ten (10) days at central sites in all library facilities. Reasonable attempts will be made to contact the owners (to the extent ownership is known) to reclaim their lost items. Items not claimed within ten (10) days become Library property.

● Unclaimed items will be disposed of according to city surplus policy (City Code Section. 2­545. ­ “Methods of disposal of Unclaimed Personal Property.”)

● After ten (10) days unclaimed books will be given to the Friends of the Chattanooga Public Library organization and unclaimed money will be deposited in the Library donation box.

● After ten (10) days, clothing will be disposed of, or donated to a charity as appropriate.

Approved by the Chattanooga Public Library Board of Directors on May 5, 2015. Amended on 1-12-2016

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