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Do terms like: cultural identity, linguistic traditions, archeological markers, fragmentary migrations, kinship, and ethno history get your blood flowing?

If you said “Yes!” you’ll enjoy The Worlds the Shawnee Made: Migration and Violence in Early America, by Stephen Warren.

This highly regarded scholar is working on a federally-funded grant to study the Shawnee. The grant was sponsored by the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. In addition ,he consults with several tribes, along with the Ohio Historical Society, in researching ethnic cleansing and forced removal in Ohio prior to the Civil War.

Most reviews of his new book praise his efforts to string together the history of the Shawnee and explore the high level of influence of this group that migrated so often and left behind little archeological evidence. Some state that his narratives lack cohesion and can at times be confusing and some imply he lacks enough evidence to support a few of his theories.

Warren is also a teacher, and although no teacher is adored by every student, many of his students do believe he is deeply knowledgeable about his topic.

Download this new e-audio book from HooplaDigital, read by Tom Wiener, and judge for yourself.

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