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Eastgate library

Library Resources: Spotlight on WestlawNext

WestLaw Next is an in-depth legal research system you can access inside the library free with your library card

Thanks to a generous gift from the Chattanooga Bar Association, we are excited to offer access to WestlawNext, an in-depth legal research system. With WestLaw you can access legal content including primary and secondary law, analytical materials, insights, litigation resources, public records, and much more. 

Library Resources: Spotlight on 3M Cloud Library

ou'll find a great collection of fiction and non-fiction ebooks, available for download to iOS, Android, PC and Mac computers, Nook Tablets, and Kindle Fires.

Downloading your ebooks is easier than ever with the 3M Cloud Library! You'll find a great collection of fiction and non-fiction ebooks, available for download to iOS, Android, PC and Mac computers, Nook Tablets, and Kindle Fires.

Library Resources: Spotlight on Digital Literacy

Our Digital Literacy resource is designed to give young adults in grades 7-12 the tools to become capable, safe, and responsible users of the digital resources available to them. Topics include gaming, cyberbullying and safety, online communication and social networking, privacy and ethics, search and research, and career tools.

Library Resources: Spotlight on Financial Literacy

Financial tools and calculators are available to help teens understand auto and student loans, making a budget, creating savings goals, mortgages, and estimating the cost of college. Plus tutorials for creating digital business plans, multimedia presentations and podcasts.

Library Resources: Spotlight on Hoopla

With Hoopla, you can stream or temporarily download up to 10 movies, episodes of TV shows, audiobooks, and musical albums per month all from the comfort of your mobile device or computer!

Library Resources: Spotlight on Teen Health and Wellness

Teens will find helpful information about safety, nutrition, personal finance, fitness, and skills for school and work. Content is created by teens and leading professionals in medicine, mental health, nutrition, guidance, and career counseling to ensure the highest quality of information.