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Eastgate library

Library Resources: Spotlight on Digital Literacy

Our Digital Literacy resource is designed to give young adults in grades 7-12 the tools to become capable, safe, and responsible users of the digital resources available to them. Topics include gaming, cyberbullying and safety, online communication and social networking, privacy and ethics, search and research, and career tools.

Library Resources: Spotlight on Financial Literacy

Financial tools and calculators are available to help teens understand auto and student loans, making a budget, creating savings goals, mortgages, and estimating the cost of college. Plus tutorials for creating digital business plans, multimedia presentations and podcasts.

Library Resources: Spotlight on Teen Health and Wellness

Teens will find helpful information about safety, nutrition, personal finance, fitness, and skills for school and work. Content is created by teens and leading professionals in medicine, mental health, nutrition, guidance, and career counseling to ensure the highest quality of information. 

The music of Muscle Shoals

The cover of the Muscle Shoals documentary

Billed as the "incredible true story of a small town with a big sound," this award winning film uncovers how a small rural town in Alabama shaped the history of the sound recording industry. 

Vacation Reads!

When you’re planning that vacation to the beach - or the mountains - or Grandma’s house - don’t forget to grab some great stories to help keep you in that down-time frame of mind. Whether you like heavy drama or fluffy stories, the library has something new for you!

MAKE. PLAY. READ. LEARN. Summer @ ChattLibrary with Mozilla Webmaker

Are you looking around for more neat things to do to help you complete your MAKE. PLAY. READ. LEARN gameboard?

Created by The 2nd Floor of the Chattanooga Public Library and the Mozilla Hive Chattanooga Learning Community, our Mozilla Webmaker Learning Kit will get you remixing memes, comics, music videos, and more.  It's the perfect way to flex your brain muscles without making steam come out of your ears. And the best part yet? IT'S FUN!