City and Library Announce New Library Executive Director 

We're proud to announce William O’Hearn as the new Executive Director of the Library.
The City of Chattanooga and the Chattanooga Public Library (CPL) are proud to announce William O’Hearn as the new Executive Director of CPL.

“Chattanooga’s library is a destination for 21st Century learning with tailored programs and services to meet the needs and interests of all our residents,” said Mayor Tim Kelly. “We’re excited to welcome William aboard and to introduce his skills and experience to town, and we look forward to continuing to build upon the legacy and success of this regional asset.” 

The search for a new Library Executive Director began in January 2023, with applicants from all over the country. A special committee of members from the City Mayor’s office, the City Council, CPL’s Board of Directors, and CPL’s Foundation reviewed resumes and interviewed candidates. Two finalists were selected to visit Chattanooga for in-person interviews, as well as a virtual one with just CPL staff.

“We had a great group of potential new directors,” said Interim Executive Director Jason Sullivan. “I’m fortunate that our hiring committee was dedicated and passionate about finding the right person to lead the future of our library system.” 

William O’Hearn, or Will as he prefers, has spent over 18 years working in libraries, from Illinois to Colorado, and for the past 4 years, Eugene, Oregon.  Originally starting out in business administration for PepsiCo, Will yearned for a role that would allow him to work with communities. His passion led him to go back to school, this time for a MLIS in Library Science, and he never looked back. Will’s other main passion is hiking, so he is looking forward to enjoying both his passions with this move to Chattanooga.

Will will take over the role as Library Executive Director on August 25, 2023. Staff and leadership at CPL, as well as CPL’s Board and Foundation, are looking forward to welcoming Will to the city and working with him on new strategies to better serve the local community. 

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